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The 22 Immutable Laws Of High Value

Women treat social status like how men treat sex in terms of importance.

Let me rephrase that.

Women and their social status perception to them is just as important, or more important than the urge for men to have sex with a woman.

That is why you need to understand the qualities of becoming what is attractive to women to essentially increase your social value around women. This would make it logical for women to want to sleep with you.

Here is a list of the qualities of a high status person and when you’re able to show her this, then you’re Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) and you’re making her more attracted to you.

The trick to this is you want to show as many of these qualities as you can within the shortest amount of time possible. The faster you do it, the easier and quicker it is for you to complete the seduction process:

1. People of high social value are admired and thus desired by others: Admiration and desire has a cyclical relationship. A person who is admired by others of the same sex is normally desired by members of the opposite sex. That’s why guys think rockstars are cool but girls want to sleep with them. This is also why girls envy supermodels and guys just want to have sex with men. So status and admiration and desire go hand in hand.

2. People of high social value are always chilled out and relaxed – one of the biggest things you notice when you meet a person is whether they are chilled and relaxed or if they are all stressed out. Have you ever been placed in an environment and you naturally just get tensed and stressed out because the surrounding people are all too busy? Well that’s because the vibe of others can affect you. In order to be a high status person, you have to be chilled out and relaxed all the time. The reason for this is that there’s no better indicator for others to prove that you are the man – if you’re calm and collected in all occasions. If you are a confident person you are relaxed in the knowledge and understanding that you can handle anything that life throws at you and you can succeed at whatever comes your way, no matter what the challenge is. This also means that you are not needy and other people will actually need you to be around in order to feel good around themselves.

3. People of high social value are natural in their behavior – I know that one of the worst pieces of dating advice around is just “be yourself”. What this essentially means is be naturally like the person who you are.  It means you should not try too hard to look good.

Sure, there are times that you need to fake it till you make it, as everyone starts off somewhere, but  you need to be able to make it, and before you do that, you have to find a style for you to “fake” so that it’ll be very natural for you so you’ll be able to make it effortlessly.

The reason for this is simple. Women have a very good intuition and can read whether or not a guy, especially someone who is attracted to them, is nervous or not. If you are nervous and unnatural you’ll be making the woman feel uncomfortable and then it will just all go downhill from there.

4. People of high social value are recognized and appreciated by other people

Other women and also men like you because you or your work is appreciated by others. For example, other people may come up to you and say “Oh man, what you did was fantastic!”. Or you have good-looking friends around you and actually saying good things about you.

There is no better indicator of how women feel around you, then having a group of attractive girls being in your presence and enjoying themselves. If you have a group of good-looking women constantly around you, women will think that you are socially dominant because you have so many girls around you, and they look like they are having the time of their lives so you must be very cool.

5. People of high social value have other people seeking approval from them – for example you might be walking and talking to a woman in a club, and a friend asks your opinion of something. This shows that you are a decision maker and whatever you say is important. If other people care about what you have to say, then your opinions have higher value.

6. People of high social value have standards : most men who do not succeed with women don’t actually care who they attract and they have an “anything with a hole is a goal” attitude. This is extremely unattractive because it shows desperateness.

Have you ever paused to ponder why men with standards always get attractive women?

It’s because, unlike the guys who don’t get girls, these men have a set criteria.

Let me demonstrate this to you through an analogy.

For example, if you were purchasing a vehicle, and you had all the money in the world, would buy just any car? No! Because you know that if you are the richest man alive you would want something that no one else would get!

Having standards make you standout, because women and will see you as a guy who is picky and choosy with women. This will imply to them, that first of all you are a man who is confident with himself. Secondly, women to you must be in abundance, so you must have something other women desire. That’s why you are able to reject women and because most men cannot do this. So in general this will increase your natural ability to attract women.

7. People of high social value have their own rules and live in their own world: women find men enjoying life by their own rules as being incredibly sexy. If you’re a man that determines his own destiny and decides what you want, then you dictate the future and lead people. This is a characteristic of a true leader and a natural seducer.

8. People of high social value are unaffected by other people, and nonreactive – if a woman sees that you are not affected by things around you whether they are internal or external, she will be extremely impressed because most men who are not confident or supernatural seducers will be affected by emotions around them. This is especially true if she knows she can affect their emotions. For example, if a woman is able to get your angry or annoyed at her and emotionally charged because she’s flirting with another guy, she knows she has you in the palm of her hand. But if she acts out in such a way, and you act like you don’t give a damn. Especially if she is trying to seduce you with her looks which is her most important asset!

What you need to do communicate to her that, yes, she is attractive and hot, you may notice it, but it’s not going to change the way you act around her.

If you do this, then you’re taking her away her most powerful mechanism of control over men.

You will standout from other guys because she’ll think “who is this guy? I’m hot, and I’m flaunting my goods, other guys are drooling all over me, but he’s not affected? This will in turn make you even more powerful and attractive in the eyes of women.

9. People of high social value don’t care about the outside world are not validated by it – There many men out there who do or say things just to get the attention of others. They seek external validation. For example they might dress up in a fancy costume to get comments from people. A person of high social status knows internally what he is worth and does not need to prove nor express it to the world.

10. People of high social value are selfless givers: the truly powerful people are the ones that give things and do not expect anything in return. This is powerful and is attractive because only people who are truly abundant can give like this. Always ask yourself “What value can I add to this person?”

11. People of high social status are preselected by other girls: men who are successful with women have social proof. This means there are always girls, and attractive ones by their side. Other women will see this and think to themselves that they can not only trust this guy but also will most likely enjoy their presence, since so many other girls do so already.

12. People of high social status protect people they care about: women want to know if they are safe around you. Women are generally regarded as the weaker sex and they will need some men for protection. This is great for men who are slightly overweight, because you’re able to work what others regard as a disadvantage (your weight) to your advantage (you’re big and you’re not easy to bully).

13. People of high social status click with girls – the men who understand women as emotional creatures. A man that understand female psychology is rare and this will make you stand out from the other guys, as you “get it”.

14. People of high social status are humble but confident: you know that you’re powerful but you don’t brag. This will make you stand out for because most other guys don’t do anything but brag to make himself look good.

15. People of high social status are extremely positive: did you know that emotions affect others? Negativity destroys an interaction and makes you just horrible to be around in general. People run away from negative individuals, as it’s not only boring to be around someone like that, it’s depressing.

16. People of high social status are self-fulfilling: you don’t need anything from other people because you are not desperate. In fact, the guys who get the most attention from women are the ones that direct their attention at women and they focus on making the woman feel good. You do not need the energy of others to build you up, but instead you can provide the building blocks to make others feel great.

17. People of high value’s time and energy have a lot of value: If you are perceived to have high social value, then others will recognize that your time and your presence is valuable. For example, this means that you are able to cut off a conversation before it actually finishes even when you’re chatting to people that you find attractive.

Take for example you might be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly realize that you have a phone call to take, so you finally say “Oh sorry, I have to take the phone call – I’d like to talk to you again, but I really need to take this call right now” and if you are able to do that and walk away from an attractive woman, this means that they will see you as a more attractive person.

Why is this so?

Because unlike most men who wouldn’t miss this great opportunity to talk to her, and who would just let the phone ring through, you’re actually cutting her off, thus showing her, that your phone call is more important to you than she is. This tells her that you live in your own reality and your own world.

If you do things like this, soon enough women and people in general will understand that you are an important person because you value your time and energy despite her looks.

18. People of high are socially intelligent: this is very important for women because in order to be an elite men you need to understand that women value the social status of a relationship above everything else.

Getting a grasp of social intelligence is very critical. By doing this you are able to feel the vibe of the people around you. It’s imperative to develop an intuition that can see different people of various social hierarchies so you are able to tell and decide who is more socially important and who is not. Once you understand the energy between social interactions you can be the one that is able to keep the group together.

Now the bad news that I’m going to say about social intelligence is that most girls have much more social understanding of the situation than you.

The good news is that this skill can be developed, in the future when you go out in a group, watch and observe to see who is the one that is always asking questions in a needy way.

Possessing social intelligence also means you are able to think like a girl and you understand how women think. You do this by not saying silly things, not doing stupid things, and not making her feel uncomfortable. Rather you are making the woman around you laugh, have a good time and really enjoy herself.

Please note, you don’t want to be the comedian or “the funny guy” that women don’t take seriously. Rather you want to be the guy that all those girls want to be around by showing social intelligence.

How do you do this?

You are able to keep the group together, you are able engage everyone’s emotional levels by keeping the people around you happy and high all the time.

In other words you are drug of the group, without you the group is bored and has nothing to do.

19. People of high social status offer value to the world: This means that instead of seeking to gain something from others, since a man of high status is self fulfilling he is more than happy to provide value to his surroundings. In social settings, this can be expressed by being entertaining and funny, thus creating a vibe that is accepting for everyone there. Not only does he have a great time, the people around him and especially, women, love to be in his presence. It’s as if he has all the time in the world for everyone and he’s just a cool guy.

20. People of high social status have an abundance mentality: as a high value male, you need to understand that the world is full of hot gorgeous and desirable women. That means you know that if for some reason you mess up with this particular woman, you don’t let it affect you emotionally. You shrug off rejection and keep on moving. The abundance mentality that you possess makes you impervious when women try to make you jealous by talking to other men, because you know that you have other girls just waiting to get your attention…

21. People of high social status are willing to leave an attractive woman: You need to be able to actually like a woman beyond her looks and let her know that you care for her personality. Attractive women have been complimented for their looks since they were

How do you do this?

Well, you don’t let the women get away with being rude or being a brat.

If she does, you don’t just take it like any other chump.

Rather you are willing to either ignore her or walk away.

This is exactly how the rich or celebrities act.

They don’t take shit from no one, and if they receive shit, they don’t accept it.

22. People of high social status do not give a damn about what others think and take risks doing what others would consider “crazy”: the most successful people in our world got there by doing the most unconventional things. For example, who would of thought a university drop out would be the founder of one of the world’s biggest organisation’s Microsoft?

Imagine what would have happened if Bill Gates took seriously the criticisms other people were directing at him when he was a geeky teenager starting his software business in his home garage.

The fact of the matter is, people rarely think about anything useful when it relates to others.

Most of the time society focuses on the negatives when it comes to other people.

Just look at gossip magazines and you’ll get the less than desirable opinions of columnists who like to point the finger at famous celebrities.

To succeed with seducing women, you have to have the attitude that you don’t care about what other girls or guys might think of you.

You have to throw out the thoughts relating to “oh I wonder if this will work, will she think I’m strange”.

Because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what other people think.

Also, I’d like to highlight this one very important quote:

“You wouldn’t care about what other people think about you if you knew how little they did.”

Let’s face it, we live in a self centred society where the only thing valuable to us, is ourselves.

We hardly devote any of our time thinking about others, if at all.

The world is your oyster.

The women you meet are ready for your taking, if you really want it to be that way.

When you start to apply the principles I listed above it is as if you’re a lion in the animal kingdom.

You dominate the world you live in and women are drawn to that.

Did you notice in the above comprehensive list of attractive qualities of a man, I did not once mention looks or money?

It’s interesting to note that our society places so much emphasis of a man needing to be wealthy or physically attractive in order to get the women that he desires.

The fact of the matter is that this is simply not true.

I know plenty of ugly, overweight and BROKE men who are able to date extremely hot and attractive YOUNG women.

Attracting women is all about it’s all about your personality and the way you present yourself.

It has nothing to do with your reflection in the mirror or how big your wallet is.

Be the life of the party!

Be the guy that people want to be around!

Be the one that doesn’t give a damn about what others think!

Be the man you were born to be!

Be a Supernatural seducer.

Be the guy that gets all the women naturally.

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