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The 9 Rules Of The Modern Playboy

  1. Keep your circle small: Quality over quantity, tolerate less bullshit. Make quality friends who share goals and ambitions. Hook up with Quality/Very Hot women.

  2. NEVER ever pray for an easy life: instead, pray for the strength to endure the most difficult one. Real champions are the ones who still work when the majority tare taking pauses.

  3. Working hard will always beat talent/skill: Having strong willpower and work ethic can overcome whatever your opponents are up to. In every single aspect. This applies to every endeavor.

  4. The most powerful men are those who have control over themselves. CONTROL yourself. Stop jacking off. Don’t take that extra beer if you see blurry. Exchange temporary enjoyment for the long term one! Invest, read, get a useful skill!

  5. Control your emotions: Will that bad event matter in 5 months or years? Get over it then! That’s why it happened to you, to figure out a way around it! These type of people will succeed in life, not the ones who cry about it. Everything is a perspective, always maintain a rational and wise tone. Leave your emotions for the ladies!

  6. Invest in yourself. Education, family, friends, business, career, health etc… Your mind and body will stay with you on this planet until the end. Maintain a good shape, work out to boost confidence and for overall better looksRead and always keep your goal in mind. Keep working out and evolve your mind, you will stand out from everyone!

  7. Reduce your social media activity, your feed can be very toxic for your life. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t care what people think! IF you are reading this here then you are already on a good path for your future!

  8. Be grateful for everything! Literally, everything that happens around you. Your bed, your health, your colleagues, the air you breathe, your parents, the food that you eat. Practice gratitude every morning and every night.

  9. Cultivate abundance in all aspects of life. Your life is an ecosystem. Every pillar builds into each other. Mastering the Four Pillars will lead to extraordinary results in the long run.

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