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An Introduction To Frame Control

Frame Control: What is it?

Every person has an interpretation of the world (their frame), it’s lenses through which they see what is happening. Reality is always malleable and is subject to interpretation.

Whoever is more convinced of their interpretation will influence the interpretation of everyone around them.

Is Frame Control Manipulation?

Human beings especially women are looking for leadership. If your frame is a selfish one (i.e: “I want women to worship me because it will make me feel good about myself ”, then women are less likely to adopt your frame.

Conversely, if your frame is one that will benefit her she is more likely to follow it (i.e: “We are going to have an amazing night together”)

Key take-away:Your frame should always be based on mutual-benefit.

The words that come out of your mouth will set the tone of an interaction, and you also need to have congruent non-verbals (body language, facial expressions, etc.). As long as she trusts you and your frame is strong and attractive, she will follow your lead.

A woman will test your frame, not because she’s a b*tch but rather because she wants to know if you’re going to stand your ground or if you’re going to submit to her frame. One of my mentors once said “Women are natural thermometers for how good you are doing in life”. 

Being strong enough to pass women’s tests makes you strong enough to pass the world’s tests. 

Attractive frames I put on a woman when meeting them:

“You’re so much fun”

“You’re trouble” (in a good way)

“You’re trying to seduce me”

“Stop looking at me like that” / “Stop undressing me with your eyes”.

“You’re so spontaneous and adventurous”

Mastering your Interactions is all about controlling the frame andADJUSTING the frame according to signals that you notice or what she says.

In summary: Frames are the underlying meaning of the interaction. If you’re talking to a woman and she says, “Buy me a drink”, the frame that she’s trying to set in that interaction, the underlying meaning that she’s trying to get you to accept and take as reality, and true, is that you have a lower value than her and you have to pay for her time. 

That’s why it’s important for you to master sexual framing. Because it sets the underlying meaning of the interaction to what you want it to be: the two of you having sex as soon as possible. 

Sexual framing is really about setting the underlying meaning of the interaction, so that the only thing which makes sense for the two of your guys is to have sex. Sexual framing is about framing yourself, her; and the fact that the two of you are in this interaction with a sexual outcome.

When you do this properly, it should be obvious that if you were in a bedroom together, sex would naturally happen.

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