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About Us

Higher Self Circle has been founded by Limo Oueslati in Montreal (Canada) in 2017. 

Since then, hundreds of men around the world have transformed their lives by been learning and implementing our elite systems and practices.


Higher Self Circle is the world's leading Dating and Lifestyle consulting company for men. 

Higher Self Circle has a prophetic dream to help ambitious men get tremendous success in dating, business and in life.

Higher Self Cirlcle created a new systems for men that opens the door to a new reality where they can date the women they want, start their own business, and have an elite lifestyle. 

Higher Self Circle’s pragmatic approach to Relationships, Health, Wealth, and Spirituality have helped everyday ambitious men become high-performance individuals and amongst the most desirable men. 

The systems and practices disclosed in our mentoring programs will position you in the top 1% of men in the word and will allow you to date the highest quality women.



Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and professionals live a lifestyle of freedom filled with quality women by becoming the absolute best men they can be through cutting-edge systems and practices.